Logo Design

If you are setting out on a new business venture you need a professional logo to represent 'you' in the market place. You may have a logo that no longer represents your company, or you may be launching a great product that needs a great brand.

There has never a time in the history of the world when there was such a need as now for instantaneous business identity. A brief glance at a page in a newspaper, a poster or a screen needs to say 'you' immediately. The world needs to recognise that a product, news item or article is related to you immediately, and the way to do that is to have a logo.

At Webscaping we hope to represent your 'aura' or 'ethos' in a graphic. To do that we need to know more about what you want the logo to say to the world - your dreams and business personality. We need to know which colours you feel are 'you' and any objects that you feel encapsulate what you are all about. All of that information, combined with names and key words that you need incorporated into the feel of the logo will be used to come up with a unique logo - a sort of graphical signature for you or your company.

Sometimes an aspect of your logo can be used to produce a favicon.



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