Cost of Services

The cost of setting up a site from scratch would depend upon the type of site you would like me to design and how much consultation time is involved.

Domain Purchase

The 'domain' is the region of cyberspace that has pages from your site. Domains have endings like: '.com', '', '.net'. Our domain is ''. You will need to think of a domain name and check to see whether it is available. Once someone has registered a name no one else is allowed to use it.

If you need to purchase a domain I will help you do that. My clients usually own their own domains and if they want me to manage the site they let me have the necessary access to the webspace. The cost of a domain and webspace varies with the type of domain, but generally the cost is under £30 for a year (paid not to me, but to the hosting company).

The Initial Template

Setting up the initial template for the site is the most important part of the design stage.The template will be the layout for the site. It will have a header, link buttons to the pages it will contain and a section for content. The production of this involves you filling in a questionnaire to determine your preferences for colours, fonts, general layout, page links etc.

We will then produce a simple template, adhering to your specifications. You will then be able to view this in a demo mode on our site and decide whether you wish us to proceed further with the work.


The special price for producing this initial template is:

£100-00 for a small site. A small site is one with seven pages or less in total so that only simple transitions to other pages is required.

£200-00 for a medium sized site - forty pages or less. This would require drop-down menus from a navigation bar to make transitions to all of the pages in the site.

Should you then wish to have additional consultations and/or amend your requirements from our original agreed template, we would need to charge you £39 for each additional hour of our time. Therefore it is important that you take your time thinking about exactly what you want, and put a lot of thought and effort into filling in the initial requirement sheet.

On your approval of our template design you will be required to pay a non-refundable payment for the design costs to date before we continue. Therefore when you are happy for us to proceed with your site we would then invoice you for the initial work we had done, before continuing with the rest of the work.

Constructing Your Site

Once the general layout and navigation route has been agreed the setting up of the other pages is usually pretty straight forward. Most clients know what they want written on each page. You will be required to e-mail us the text and images you want incorporated in the site. We will then put this information into the webpage and test that the site works.

It will be uploaded to webscaping for testing. When you are happy with it we will invoice you for the final payment and on receipt of the funds we will then upload it to your domain using ftp protocol.

A Rough Idea of Cost

A simple site with seven pages or less and no more than one graphic per page would cost in total about £280-00.

The more pages within the site, the more time we will spend on it, therefore the cost will rise.

We will incorporate your logo and colour scheme into the site banner heading. But should you want a logo and favicon designed specially for you, there would be an additional cost of £60.

Buttons, bulletpoints and page dividers can be designed for you. Once a logo and banner have been designed for you the development of these items is usually quite quick - they will cost you about £39.

The setting up of a graphic exchange box, with up to 10 images would cost an extra £60.

Setting up of a Facebook Page involves developing graphics - that would cost you £60 as a standalone item, but just an additional £25 should you have already ordered the logo.

Site Maintenance

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